Customers tell us that our support is one of the key things that really set us apart.  Having used IT helplines ourselves, we’re inclined to believe them.

Our cloud-based solutions use class-leading technology, and we also build simplicity, self-healing software and automatic backups right into those solutions. Even so, our customers might still need our help once in a while, whether it’s to fix a fault, learn something new or just ask a simple question.

At Netscan, we’ve decided to make technical support and customer service as central to our business as the technology we use.  

Why? Because we’re not really about selling kit, we’re about supplying solutions.  That means aftercare and technical support are just as crucial as things like RAM, SAN and processor speeds.

To make sure we’re getting it right, we carefully handpick world-class engineers and technicians, and we run a 24/7 UK-based helpline with real humans to handle your call.  Better still though, we also make sure we recruit individuals with the insight and communication skills to listen to customers, understand their issue then help in a way that’s…helpful.  So whether you’re new to the cloud or a seasoned IT professional, the support you’ll get will always be clear, correct and fill you with confidence.

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