NetscanUK today announces that it will reduce all JANET secure hosting by 20%– across hosting, software and support – through the latest G-Cloud 9 framework.

The research and education sector has its own unique requirements and challenges when it comes to cloud-based infrastructure technology – we know this because we’ve been working closely with the sector since 1998. Today, our clients include all ten of the UK’s top universities; organisations with the complex goals, high standards and budgetary restrictions it takes real expertise and reliable technology to satisfy.

At Netscan we’ve got the specialist know-how and class-leading products to help you make the most of cloud-based technology, in ways that will help your institution flourish. From increasing efficiency and shrinking risk, to improving the way your staff and students teach, learn, research and collaborate – we make it happen.

We’re also committed to customer service, and that means we’re easy to reach, always responsive and 100% determined to help. It’s how we’ve built the long-term partnerships our reputation in education is built on.

Peter Duggal, CTO, added:

“Our near 20 year experience of working with some of the UK’s most prestigious educational institutions has given us a level of expertise in this sector that we are immensely proud of. Planning and implementing a cloud platform for the education sector absolutely requires this solid foundation of knowledge to deliver, and our track record speaks for itself.”