We’ve gathered a wealth of knowledge and talent here at Netscan, so we didn’t want to waste it. Instead, we’ve harnessed the expertise of all our specialists to bring you a consultancy-style service without consultancy-style fees. Our Digital & Development service covers all your cloud-based infrastructure needs, and it comes with the same mix of performance, support and customisation we apply to everything we do.

Application and program development is at the heart of this service. We deliver either of these by first getting to know you and your requirement inside out, then owning the challenge as if it was our own. The end result is new applications and programs developed right from the ground up, specifically for your organisation or business. Whether it’s more security, easier sharing or a great big boost to your everyday working efficiency, you’ll see measurable improvements to the way infrastructure technology works for you.

Business Planning
We can look at ways to help integrate technology more successfully into your entire organisation, increasing efficiency, improving usability and boosting profits too.
Better connectivity
We can help improve the way you safely share data between departments, locations and even continents, including data based in the cloud or in your buildings.
Application and program creation
We can take a complex problem then design and build an application that solves it brilliantly, training your people along the way.
Application and program management
We can take responsibility for managing your existing applications and programs, freeing up resources and minimising risk.